Oak View Group Seattle

As a 20 year resident of Seattle, I am excited to be involved in bringing Seattle a world class arena in the place it belongs – Seattle Center. I have always viewed Seattle Center as the soul of the city. It’s home to landmarks like the Pacific Science Center, the iconic Space Needle and, of course, the Seattle Coliseum. With Seattle amidst rapid growth, downtown is now expanding towards South Lake Union, Uptown and the Belltown neighborhoods. Seattle Center is now Seattle’s heart as well. To play a small part in shaping the next 50 years of Seattle Center is a role I will embrace with the focus it deserves. I am proud of our region’s natural beauty and our passion for preserving our environment. Our commitment to restore and re-use this historic arena is consistent with my values and those of our community. My hope is that someday, decades from now, we will look at the arena as our Wrigley Field or Lambeau Field – a facility that serves its community proudly for a century or more. I look forward to leading the local efforts of OVG Seattle for this project. We will reflect the neighborhoods and community we live in. I will work tirelessly to ensure Seattle is proud of its new partner.



As Community Outreach Coordinator, Zack Peggins works to ensure OVG Seattle remains an active and engaged community partner. Focusing on a broad range of stakeholders and public interest, Zack works at the ground level to guide community engagement and organizing around the New Arena at Seattle Center. Zack has a background in sports marketing and social media, and has worked with the University of Washington Athletic Department on the Marketing and Gameday Experience team. Prior to OVG Seattle, Zack worked in business development for Seattle-based social media startup, Tagboard. Zack Graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in communications, believes that sports can play a vital role in building strong communities, and is excited about bringing a world-class sports and entertainment arena to the city of Seattle.