New Arena at Seattle Center Construction Update

(Updated: March 22, 2019)

Sound Wall – Installation of the sound wall in the upper and lower NW courtyard is complete.  This now eliminates Courtyard access from 2nd Ave N, south of A/NT Gallery.  Bike, pedestrian and ADA access is along Republican St/August Wilson Way, and pedestrians can also use the upper/lower breezeway along SIFF Film Center and The Vera Project, and the Alki steps south of SIFF.

Barriers have been placed in the north parking lane on Thomas St. and installation of the sound wall continues. The parking lane on the north side of Thomas St. will be closed for the duration of the arena project.

Installation of the sound wall, on 1st Ave. N, is underway.  

1st Ave N – As communicated, all parking and loading will be removed on the east side of 1st Ave N between Denny Way and Republican St. to provide access for truck hauling and to maintain transit service. On the west side, parking/loading will be removed between Denny Way and Roy St so that the protected bicycle lane can be relocated from the east side of 1st Ave N.

Arena Interior – Removal of furniture, fixtures and equipment from the arena and full decommissioning of arena building systems continues in preparation for hard demolition.  

To see photos and a video of what’s been happening inside the New Arena at Seattle Center please visit:

Blue Spruce, West Court, & NASA Buildings – The demolition/excavation/shoring permit has been issued. Demolition of the NASA and West Court buildings are complete. Demolition of the Blue Spruce building is projected to begin March 25th and continue through April 3rd. This work will be done during daytime hours only.


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