New Arena at Seattle Center Construction Update

(Updated: May 17, 2019)

Utility Work – Sewer scoping of utilities connected and adjacent to the Arena on 2nd Avenue N is suspended until Thursday, May 30th.

Sound Wall Installation

East – Installation of the sound wall on the east side of the project is complete.

South –Installation of the wall is complete. The parking lane on the north side of Thomas St. is closed for the duration of the arena project.  

West – Installation of the west sound wall along 1st Ave N is complete.

1st Ave N – All parking and loading will be removed on the east side of 1st Ave N between Denny Way and Republican St. to provide access for truck hauling and to maintain transit service. On the west side,  parking/loading will be removed between Denny Way and Roy St so that the protected bicycle lane can be relocated from the east side of 1st Ave N. For more info please visit:

New wood poles will be installed at the intersection of 1st Avenue North and Thomas St. in preparation for the new temporary traffic signals and new protected bike lane.  Installation of the wood poles has been changed to start in June. Proper barricades and pedestrian safety measures will be in place during installation.  

West Side – Demolition of the NW plaza, stairs, retaining wall and roof overhangs connected to KEXP is complete.  Demolition of the West Plaza concrete will continue the week of May 20th.  This work will be followed by excavation and drill piling.  

Structural demolition of the arena interior is ongoing. Hauling operations for this work will continue until 10pm.  

East Side – Excavation work at the southeast corner is projected to be finished the week of May 20th.  

Disassembly of the south portion of the IFP building continues with removal of the roof May 17-18.  Wall panels will be removed May 20-21 and the floor slab will undergo demolition May 21-22. Excavation of the south end of the IFP will be done May 22-25.  This work is projected to be finished by Monday, May 27th.  

Drill piling work will resume on May 28th and will start at the SE corner and move south.  This work includes Saturdays from 9 am – 5:30 pm.  This work is being done during daytime hours only.  

North Courtyard – Excavation and drill piling work on the north side of the project is complete.  

Harrison St. Haul Ramp – Installation of the asphalt ramp at the Harrison St. turnaround is complete.

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