Seattle Arena Construction Updates

The Seattle Center Arena project has hit some exciting milestones in the last 2 weeks with the Seattle City Council’s 8-0 recommendation and the transaction documents signed, followed by the NHL Executive Committee vote last Tuesday to move the Seattle bid forward to the full NHL Commission in early December.  As the quest for a hockey team continues, so does construction planning and this message is intended to keep you up-to-date.


Below is the current timeline.  Questions and comments can be emailed to


Oct. 1-10:  The following buildings will be turned over to Oak View Group (OVG) and secured with fencing:  NASA, Blue Spruce, Restroom Pavilion, West Court, Skate Park, Seattle Center Pavilion.  Once these buildings are secure, abatement activity will begin.  Landscape work to remove trees will also begin in the area immediately surrounding the Arena.


Oct. 15:  Seattle Center Arena will be turned over to OVG.  Temporary fencing will be erected to secure the building.  The initial fencing will be chain-link and not a sound barrier.  The sound barrier fence will be constructed once the Noise Variance review has been completed by the City of Seattle.  The timing of this is still to be determined but the sound barrier will be constructed prior to any demolition work, as will vehicle, bus, and pedestrian routing signage and installation of other required site equipment.  Below is a map that shows placement of the temporary fence (red line).



Nov. 1: Park Place (north half of Bressi Garage) will be turned over to OVG.  Pottery Northwest will remain open and active in the south half of the building.

(Updated: 10.10.2018)