EDITORIAL | City should move ahead on OVG’s KeyArena plan

Something special is happening in Las Vegas.

People have flocked to a new arena on the Strip to watch the expansion Vegas Golden Knights get off to an historic start in their inaugural National Hockey League season.

Even if it’s the honeymoon period for a new franchise in a city making its first foray into professional sports, it’s hard not to watch from Seattle with some level of envy.

It’s been a decade — yes, a decade — since the Sonics began their final season at KeyArena. And for each of the winters ever since, the venue has sat relatively quiet, save for a few big-time concerts and Seattle University men’s basketball. That’s not to discount either, but there’s no denying that it’s not quite the same as having a professional franchise to follow during those dark December days.

Hopefully, not for much longer.

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(Queen Anne & Magnolia News)